Interested in Private Lessons? Great!

We offer private lessons in all of the various instruments and arts classes we provide at School of Note.  However, these private lessons slots are very limited!  

Beginners are expected to participate in Group Classes in their particular subject of interest, with private lessons being reserved for those who want intensive, advanced training.  

Some of the Subjects We Offer for Private Lessons:

  • Drawing
  • Illustration

And more!

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Voice
  • Organ
  • Saxophone
  • Bass

Other Details:

As the literature becomes more complex, we highly recommend the switch between Group Lessons to private lessons.  However, with most of our instructors, it's not going to be a complete switch.  We still encourage participation in a monthly group lesson to cover complex concepts, and have a social atmosphere.     


  • Tuition is billed on a yearly basis, however we can separate in payments into Terms (3 times a year) or Monthly Payments.  
  • Tuition is the same regardless of how many lessons/camps/performances are available in that month.
  • Tuition is billed for each enrolled student.   
  • Tuition does not include instruments or materials (unless the instructor specifies otherwise!).    

Still Interested?  Great!